🔥 What's Smoking/Cooking on your Pit Boss?

Got a ribeye and a filet in the smoke right now. P0 255 degrees on the top rack. Rolling them around while I have a beer. 🍻

Freaking arc fault breakers are a PITA. Microwave won't run. Get changed to regular one on Tuesday.

They came out great. I had comp blend pellets in from doing burgers so I just lit it up. Next time I'm going to hickory or some hickory/oak I haven't tried yet. I'm not impressed with the comp blend for the smoke it puts out.
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We are having our memorial day bbq today. I have 2 butts in the drum right now, and 3 racks of ribs going on the 1600 later. We are also having burgers and dogs. I will post pics along the way.
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