🔥 What's Smoking/Cooking on your Pit Boss?


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May 10, 2019
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Austin, TX
What's everyone cooking on the Pit Boss this weekend?

Pulled Pork!
Definitely from frozen! It seems to work out really well and they stay juicy.
First cook on the series 3. Started at 3:00 this morning. 6 hours at 200 and then 275 on the middle rack. So far so good and with water in the pan spritzing really hasn't been necessary. My only concern is the Pit Boss meat probe. It is way off by like 50 degrees. I will wrap at 165 and the PB probe says 172. My Chugod probe says 135. I've had both probes in since I started but I trust the Chugod probe more because I have used it before. I thought something was off when I took the meat out of the fridge this morning and stuck the PB probe in it and it said 50 degrees. No way it was 50 straight from the fridge so I stuck my Bluetooth probe in and it said 38 so I know that one is probably more accurate.

Once it hits 205 I will then wrap in a towel and place it in a cooler for a few hours before pulling.

Picked up a Pit Boss spatula this morning at Walmart. It's one of those big ones that will scoop up a slab of meat.

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This is not a recent one (did it one weekend last year). I wanted to see how a boneless turkey would do. If it turned out good I would do one for Thanksgiving. It is just me, my wife and two daughters to this size was perfect for us. It turned out amazing and I did another one but did not use the Champion Chicken at Thanksgiving.

Great video. Turkey is still something I haven't tried but I might have to give it a shot soon.

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