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Hopper smoke

Brad J

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Aug 17, 2020
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Adams, TN
After supposedly fixing my auger issue on the Pit Boss 820, noticed last night and today my hopper filling with smoke (and almost no smoke inside the grill). Consequently, the grill temperature set at 250 degrees) reached 210 and then started dropping, just like last night.
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I am new to smoking and I had a probiotic with smoke filling my hopper. It turned out that I had installed the 2 metal Plates that go over the fire pot incorrectly. Because of that, the grease from the meat was actually draining to the outside. This grease was what was smoking and heading into the hopper. Check to make sure that the 2 metal plates are slanted towards the middle so the grease drains correctly into the grease pot. There are slots on one side of the larger plate and they slip onto the edge of the left side of your compartment. Hope this helps!