Pit Boss Pro Series 4 Vertical Smoker Redoux


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Aug 23, 2020
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I bought a pro series vertical smoker for father's day and it could not get over 210 degrees, contacted customer support and they diagnosed a RTD probe and after 6 weeks sent one out. After replacing the probe, still had the same problem. Contacted customer support again and was diagnosed with control board and after being told it was in stock waited for about 2 weeks and the status went to back-ordered 4-6 weeks. I contacted customer support again, and a different tech said I should leave the door open during start up, so I tried it again and it heated up to 300 and then I closed the door and it went right back down to 200 and wouldn't get up again. I am wondering if the induction fan might be the issue. The Lowes that I bought it from was out of them for several months, and I just got restocked so I purchased another smoker hoping that I just got a lemon and I would replace the broken one that I purchased first. After doing the initial prime and started the cook-off, the temperature knob was set at 350 and the smoker ran up to 550 on the meat probe as well as my after market probes. The front panel read 350 for the set temp and the RTD also read 350, but everything else read 500-550 depending on where in the smoker I set the probes (I have a after market that has up to 6 probes) Can anyone help me with either of these issues since I still have the original smoker that won't get over 200 degrees and the new one that runs at 500 when set at 350?
Hmmm. I am not sure. Try turning it on, smoke setting with the door open. Once the flame starts close the door and turn it up to 225. Once it hits 225 go to 275. Then when it gets 275 turn to 300 or 350. Do it gradually and see what happens. If your probes are closer to the fire pot it is going to be hotter so place the probes in different areas. I have found that the probe that comes with the Pit Boss is 40-50 degrees off so I stopped using it. Make sure the heat shield is in place with the open slots of the shield facing the sides. have the water pan in place as well and make sure it has water in it.
Update. Yesterday I used the new smoker and placed 3 after market probes. 1 next to the RTD and then the pit boss plug in probe next to that so I had all three probes about 2 inches from each other. Then the other 2 probes placed in the center of the box and the top rack. With the thermostat set at 300, the RTD read 300, but the pit boss probe and the after market probes both read 100 degrees higher. I tried different temps and that seemed to be the case. The RTD was the same as the thermostat, but the actual temps were averaging 100 degrees higher.

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