Burn out.

Dave V.

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Jul 8, 2020
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Lakewood CA
I have a PB electric vertical smoker, 2 series. After about a year, I started smoking a Pork Butt. I set the temp for 220 so I could slow cook it. To get the unit to start smoking I used the Smoker button. I left to do other things. When I came back the smoker had cooled down way below 220 while the red light showing the unit was heating up. The heating element stopped working. I gave up. Next day I tore the smoker apart and found out the heating element had a broken or melted wire where it connects to a terminal. I cleaned it up, Soldered it back up and put every thing together again. Fired up the smoker and it seemed to work, for a week and the same thing happened again. Question, has anyone else had this problem?