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May 11, 2020
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In the past 2 weeks I have been deciding on what I want in a grill/smoker. So I talked to my wife and said I want a premium grill and in order to get a premium grill you need to pay a premium for it.

So I nailed down to 3 and then I decided on a Yoder YS640s Yfi drove down to Chattanooga to pick it up. I have not assembled it yet as I am tired from driving and likely do it tomorrow. The grill is a beast and it is a night a day difference in quality and material, but I paid a hefty sum for it. Yoder does not use PID technology with there controllers as a microprocessor does the processing for it and Yoder fully designs and built there controller and writes there own software for the controller.

I am still going to use my PB1100 with Savannah controller for awhile, but it will be my back up for now.
I like those slot and I have seen videos of the new Camp Chef which looks really nice. and I think Weber has a new pellet grill that looks nice but costs a lot.

Masterbuilt has the new Gravity Series which uses charcoal and has a charcoal hopper. Looks nice and prob cooks very well but it is a budget grill at $500. I've watched several videos and some praise it while others show its faults (paint peeling off, lid latches melting, etc).

Good luck with the Yoder I am sure it will do great cooks for you!
My go to guy for BBQ tips is a guy Malcom he runs the HowToBBQRight channel on YouTube he uses a Yoder and I’ve seen him pull off some awesome smokes on it, good luck and congrats!
Wow, that's awesome @DaveXDm9 - I've always read nothing but positive reviews on the Yoder! Can't wait to hear (and see) your thoughts on it.
I did my burn in and everything went fine the temps were pretty consistent the start up process really great and it gets up to temp fast.

One thing I notice that you can tell this is running a different technology than PID so I will keep everyone up to date when I do my first cook.

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