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Pork prices up?


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Apr 24, 2020
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Kalamazoo, MI
Normally I can get a couple of racks of babybacks for about $15. Last weekend when I was looking at chicken I happened to noticed a 2 pack of babyback ribs were over $25. have prices gone up?
Yes, I paid $35 last week for 2 racks and all meat is gone up. Although i am starting to see some pricing starting to drop.
I was able to pick up 3 large racks fresh not frozen from I think Sams might have been Costco for about 28 bucks, however I did check Publix first and they were probably double the price. ? my pork butt I just did was $1.48/lb at Costco said it was on sale didn’t catch the regular price.
I just picked up a 11 lb pork butt for $16.50 ($1.50/lb) so prices are now starting to normalize in my area.
We went to Sams this weekend and stocked up on meat as the prices are back to normal now.
Coming down here as well although I couldn't find burgers this weekend.
Yeah, I don't know what the deal was on burgers and beef. There were plenty of steaks but that's it. I ended up getting brat patties which were OK but I think a bit more greasy that beef burgers.
I guess it depends on the distribution in certain states, but hopefully ground beef will come your way.