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Auger issues

David Bryant

New member
May 30, 2020
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Bought a new PB1000S1 today, brought home, set up, plugged it in with control off and auger started. Auger does not stop. Actual temp does not display as well. Says 32 degrees regardless of temp. Customer service no answer. Bad controller out of the box?
@David Bryant - I bought one of these over the weekend, and I also had a reason to call customer service. I was surprised to see in the manual that customer service is open 4am to 8pm PT. That must be two shifts. Either way, I called, and sat on hold for 10 minutes or so, so I called back, and told the IVR system that I wanted to register for a callback. It was at least two hours later, but I *did* get a call back from a helpful young man. We had a delightful discussion, and he helped me understand some things. I think you'll get further if you call them and leave your number to have their support system call you back.
I've called them several times in the past and either waited on the phone or had them call back and they have always been helpful. Even stayed on the phone with me for about 3 or 4 hours one time while I had an auger issue. At one point the call dropped and she called me right back.

Yes, if you are having issues give them a call. Your situation could be an easy fix, maybe the wires are crossed. If not they will assess the issue and send a new controller but out of the box - that's not good at all.
That is definitely a controller issue so hopefully PB will contact you quickly as I hate pay for something and cannot use it for weeks. Looks like PB needs to step up the QA process before sending products out the door.