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Apr 23, 2020
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Had my Pit Boss for a Month and used it a few times already.
Maybe already put 24 hours of cooking between 225 -250 (If I want a steak or burger I will cook it on my Weber Grill}
Maybe used about 10lbs of Pit Boss Pellets and each time I am finished cooking after 6 hours there is little to none ash
too clean out.
Temp probes are Correct and the Temp goes up a few degrees and down a few.
When starting the grill it takes about 5 mins to start smoking.
There is nothing bad about the smoker buttttt would like to see what the other flavor pellet taste like....................JT
Recently I've been using Kingsford Signature pellets and been happy with the results. Once I run out I'm going to give the lumberjack pellets a run. I've heard nothing but good things about that brand.
I have 3 different 20lb bags of Kingsford.But they will have to wait since I have 3 20lb bags of different bags of Pit Boss Pellets.....Seems when I smoke there is little ash left and little pellets being used...…..JT
I've used all the Pit Boss pellets. I like Charcoal and Competition the best. Also got a bag of Bear Mountain gourmet blend that someone got me for my birthday and those were good too. Been wanting to try Cuisineart Maple Bourbon blend and see how those are.

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