What do you use - sifting

I have a plastic cup that I drilled several holes in the bottom. It kinda works :)
Yes you should sift! I don't have one of these but I am planning on getting one (once Amazon prime starts back with 2 day shipping on non-essential items).


I happened to buy a bag of "Classic" at the end of the season at Walmart and it must've been tossed around quite a bit because it had a ton of swadust in it. That's when I grabbed one of our home sifters and sifted out the sawdust. Then I saw someone on YouTube use the one above so I will get one of those.

If you don't sift you run the risk of the sawdust building up and created a hardened wood blockage and your Pit Boss will not perform as it should.
Finally bought one from Amazon. You can see the amount of dust on my truck bed before I even fully sifted the pellets.


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The pellets pictured above are Apple pellets. I bought them at the end of last season and I just assume the bag was thrown around a lot when the bags were moved to other parts of the garden center. Was a big help to use a sifter and not have all that dust in my auger. I have seen those pellets at Sam's, I may have to give them a try.
wow thanks for posting that I am going to have to get one of those sifters now I had no idea of the danger.
You really only need one sifter, I think the ones I posted above are a set. You search on Amazon, I think I paid about $13 for the one I have. I also use it to make blends. I use a big tumbler cup and scoop up charcoal and then a scoop of Competition blend and it makes a nice comb of 50/50.
i think mine is 1/4 but either will work fine. 1/4 removes the sawdust and the smaller pellets.
I found a 3-pk of the green clarifiers (like MikeinFLA) on Amazon. Out of the 3, I use the 1/4, and 1/8 stacked. 1/4" catches regular stuff, 1/8" catches the "niblets". Dust flows out. I use the "niblets" for my starter stock.

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