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Unbiased KC Combo Platinum Review & Reported Issues-Buyer Beware

That is interesting... I noticed my Walmart only had one KC Combo and they haven't had any vertical Copperhead Series smokers in months.
The Walmart by me shows 1 in stock and it's the display one. They did not have one last month when I purchased mine.
I checked stock when I bought my KC Combo said they didn’t but I went in store and they had 2 in the box and 1 on display that’s where I got mine from. Noticed that they sold the display and other box within the next month and went in the other day and they had 2 more in the box and another display out but again stock only showed one. When I first got interest in the KC I couldn’t find them anywhere but now I’m seeing them in a few places. I just moved to AL from CO and have found them in both states plus Texas where I work. However TX is the only place I’ve seen the Lockhart.
I talked to the manager this morning and he said they are not selling them at all. He said the other walmarts in the area do sell them so he gets calls from them and he sends them to their store.

He said when it comes to Pellet grills in my area they cannot compete with Lowes and Home Deport which they are right down the street from my walmart so that makes sense.
You know what is funny my wife was at Walmart today and took a picture of a Lockhart on displayed. manager must have changed his mind or he has no idea at all.
Well I received a hint from PB that a PID is coming to the Pro Series, Navigator, and Sportsman. Tube is great, but the Savannah controller gives you that consistency and temps without the major swings. I tell you it produces a lot of smoke and Platinum grills should not have a probelm unless there PID controller is not a good or PB really has not dialed in the software.
well we now know, they definitely have not dialed in the software,
from what I see on their facebook, they have terrible customer service, I would not expect anything done for warranties.