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Yes, those are nothing to mess around with. At first it was headed straight towards us in Florida then it moved way west. We stayed home during Hurricane Michael (Cat-5) and it was a nightmare. We hunkered down in the middle of the house for about 4 hours. Luckily it passed quickly but the devastation was nothing like I had ever seen. I even went outside during the eye of the storm to check out the damage (there were clear skies during the eye but it was still raining a bit from the bands). We had a couple of trees down and nothing landed on the house. Then the second eyewall hit and all hell broke loose. The rest of our trees came down (still missing the house) but we started taking in water from where shingles blew off. So I was running around the house with 5 gallon buckets trying to catch all of the leaks. We didn't have power for a month and it took me 6 months to get new shingles. I did manage to get some tarps from work and was able to get those on the roof before the next rainfall and we were very lucky.

If you are in the path of this storm then prayers to you. It is probably too late to evacuate by this point so bunker down! Have plenty of batteries, bottled water (drinking and gallons) and fill up your bathtub. make sure you have 5 gallon buckets on hand and go ahead and buy some tarps and a generator. You can also take a big plastic bowl, fill it with water and then put it in the freezer. This makes a huge ice block which will help keep food cold. I also filled up my Yeti with ice and once the power went out I kept milk, cheese, eggs, etc in the Yeti. During the days after the storm I would hook my fridge up to the generator but one day I left for work at 4AM and did not want to turn it on. By the time I got home the stuff in the fridge was ruined. After that one of my neighbors would come over everyday and start up the generator at 7AM and put gas in it as needed (there was no one home, I was at work helping with cleanup and supply distribution and my wife and kids left the day after the storm to stay with family in Tennessee).
Let's hear from you South Texas, East Texas & Louisiana members. Let us know your OK.
we had some storms from it so far this afteroon, but it has not been too bad.
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