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Dec 4, 2020
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NW Ohio
Hey all...I've got a PB700FB, that I've had for a few years. My neighbor, has a newer version of what I have. He does a lot of cheese smoking this time of the year, and tried the other night when it was fairly cold here, in NW Ohio. He didn't have good results.
Has anyone out there have a successful way of smoking cheese on a pellet smoker, and would like to share it?
Really the only way you can do it is to leave the unit off and use a smoking tube which you can find at Walmart or on Amazon. Fill the tube up with pellets, light it with a blow torch and let it burn like a candle for 10 minutes. Blow out the flame and carefully set it in the pellet grill away from the cheese. Any heat from the grill would melt it.
this guy adjusted his P Setting on his PS 850 and was smoking cheese which he place the cheese on the left sine and he was using the prime button as well. I cannot find the link, but search on YouTube I believe he still has the video.
Like Mike, I use a pellet tube for smoking cheese.
I thought about the pellet tube, and then I saw a dude on YouTube. He used dryer vent tubing, some flanges and adapters, and an old metal tool box. Looks like a pretty good set up. He puts the A-MAZE-N tube in the toolbox once its lit, and the rest is history. I've got most everything to do it this way, except the tube.
This would not work well in Florida because it stays too warm most of the time (although we do get some cool weather in Jan. I have never seen anyone attempt to smoke cheese with the smoker on but this guy does. Most people use smoke tubes with the Pit Boss turned off. Also, most people vacuum seal it and let it rest for a couple of months. But it is an interesting video if you want to make some in a hurry.