Smoke coming back through pellet box

We are seeing too many issues with these new grills that saw dust is not the culprit. Please continue to contact Pit Boss and in them meantime I will reach to a representative that I have been talking to about PID controllers to see if he has any information.
I have that same sifter from Amazon and it makes a huge difference. Most of my bag of pellets are OK but near the end of the season you find bags that have been sitting around for several months and have been tossed around in the store. One bag of Classic Blend (and a bag of apple pellets) that I had was full of saw dust and that's when I decided to start sifting pellets. Sometimes I just dump pellets out of the bag straight into the hopper but once the bag gets less than half I start sifting. Normally when I open a bag I grab a handful just to see if I grab any dust. If I do I end up sifting the whole bag and fit what I can of the good stuff in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid.

edit: i have never had smoke come out of the hopper but I do not own the KC combo
Have a new KC platinum. After turning it off fa still runs, but its start smoking back through feed tube and into pellet storage box.
Cleaned out fire box, but still does it. Have two other pit boss pellet smokers and haven't had this problem
I have a Pit Boss Pro Series and the same thing began to happen with me. It started as yours did at shutdown time but I am now noticing that ALL smoke is now exiting my pellet box and not my cooking chamber, meaning while I’m cooking as well. This is the first time in multiple seasons of having this smoker and not sure why or how to fix.

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