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Aug 10, 2020
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Bismarck, ND
Still learning this beast. Want to do a butt. 225 degree and let'r buck until done. Set it and forget it.
I've done many but never with this thing. Would like to start it about 10pm and let it go overnight unsupervised.
The thought of a fire won't leave me, so hesitant to do it when I can't check it now and then.
Your experiences appreciated.
get a very long extension cord and put that thing far away from your house, garage etc. I would not leave mine un-attended for fear of a fire.
Here's what friends and relatives tell me: Only time any have ever seen a fire was at high temps, and dirty grill.
The thought of no supervision still gnaws at me, but above validates what I've seen in the 6 months I've used it.
I've never had an unsupervised cook but with that said I have done pork butts many times on mine for 12 hours (only opening it up to wrap when it hits 165) and I have never had issues other than having to help pellets slide to the auger. Not sure I would do it while sleeping though. Normally if I have a long cook planned I'll wake up at 3AM and start.
With your grill you will have problems with the pellets feeding into the auger chamber due to poor design so I would not leave unattended.
Thanks guys. Having a cold grill in the morning wouldn't be any fun either, so the early morning start and napping in the afternoon sounds better than an unattended grill and fitful night.

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