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Jul 26, 2020
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Frederic, WI
My Pit Boss 820 grill/smoker has recently started sending a fairly heavy electrical shock through the handle. Anyone have this issue or know what the cause could be?
I am pretty sure there is a green ground wire from the control board to the inside chassis of your hopper that might be loose or disconnected from the control board. I saw a picture of someone asking where this loose green wire goes to, and it was attached on one end to the chassis with a nut and the other end was frayed and possibly came off the control board or other component.
I have an Austin XL that is shocking me. I returned the first one for the same issue. The new one is doing the same exact thing. The first one was shocking me on the handle of the grill. The new one is shocking me by the pellet grill box
Sounds like it isn't the grill but your environment. There are different things you can try. One thing I saw was to avoid rubber shoes as they store static electricity. One suggestion was to try going barefoot. Or keep a pair of keys or something metal in your hand. Look here and see if you find anything.


Probably the easiest thing to do would be to wipe the offending area with a dryer sheet. Then open it with the dryer sheet in your hand and see what happens.
What is the best way to ground pitboss. My pet my sits on a cement slab in the backyard next to the house. Every time I touch it barefoot I get a constant flow of electric shock. I’m well aware the easiest way to fix this problem is to wear shoes, but I Want to run a ground from outside the pit boss to stop the shock
First step Get a cheap outlet tester and make sure your power source is grounded. Then make sure there is continuity between the frame of the grill and the power source ground. This is nothing to play around with a small shock becomes a big problem if It passes through your chest.

Static electric shock is a quick spark then done it is relatively harmless as the discharge path is from you to the grounded grill.

If the grill is not properly grounded and there is a short then you become the ground when you touch the grill.

If you are feeling a steady shock you until you let go someone could get seriously hurt if you ignore the problem. Going barefoot and carrying metal objects makes you a better ground and more likely to be killed.
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Time to call a licensed electrician. If every unit is shocking you, the receptacle your plugging into is not correctly grounded, your creating the ground. Only takes a milliamp or less to shock someone's heart so it's not beating, which is a very small unit of measure. I know Pit Boss has some issues but this is one not to joke about.
Hello, I’m an electrician by trade. This is most definitely and ground issue, its most likely the ground wire is making a loose connection somewhere along the path between the electrical panel and the receptacle… Most common problem found when doing service calls… to be honest the “white” wire in 120v residential wiring is called a “neutral wire”, but it’s actually a ground wire also (in residential), with the only exceptions being inside light switch boxes, ceiling boxes for lights and fans, and 240v stove, dryer, and a/c receptacles where the white wire may be used as a power wire! The easies place to start will be inside your grills panel. After unplugging the grill from your power source, open up the panel and make sure the “Green Wire” inside there is properly connected on both ends. Actually tug on the wire, don’t just look. If you find a lug or screw connecting the wire to the body of the grill is a little loose or corroded, clean it tighten it ect. I repeat this is the most common electrical issue found when doing residential, and commercial service calls. If any part of this scares, cofuses, or just makes you feel uneasy, PLEASE CALL AN ELECTRICIAN. I hope you get it figured out because the “Ground Wire” is the safety mechanism, the part that cause a breaker to to flip off or a fuse to blow, to keep from killng someone, and if your getting a steady shock the safety is being bypassed. Therfore, IT’S OUT OF SERVICE! Electricity is nothing to play with. Get it looked at. Good luck.

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My Pit Boss 820 grill/smoker has recently started sending a fairly heavy electrical shock through the handle. Anyone have this issue or know what the cause could be?
The problem could be a bonding issue in the wiring of that string of outlets. Borrow one of these testers and get a reading.

If the circiut you are using is GFCI protected, the GFCI should trip before you get shocked.

This tool would tell if outlet ground is faulty or perhaps hot and neutral are reversed. Inspect your extention cord for missing ground prong or damage to the cord itself.
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