Pit Boss needs to learn from Rec-Tec


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May 11, 2020
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I have reconfigured my Pro Series grill by removing my Savannah Stoker controller and adding Molex connectors to it and then I added the Molex connectors to the Rec-Tec controller so now I can switch back and forth well at least I was going to do.

The Rec-Tec controller is spot on I mean it was worth the money and the WiFi worked perfectly. For some reason this controller was hitting the temps right on. I had set it at 200 for my chicken wings and the temp stayed at 198 - 202 the entire cook and the hood temp was at 200 the entire time. Now my Inkbird was at the same temp as the Rec-Tec controller.

So after the wings were done I crank the temp to 400 and it reached 400 pretty quick and stayed at 400. Now the Savannah Stoker does the same thing, but it is not WiFi so if I had to do it again I would have went with the Rec-Tec controller.

So I decided to place my Savannah Stoker on Ebay for $190.00 and it sold 15 minutes after I posted it....Actually the guy that bought it lives in 2 hours away in Tennessee from me is on his way to meet me at a Walmart to pick it up. So now I have 2 Pellet grills that are WiFi, but if Pit Boss is smart they would invest into a better controller.
Wow that's amazing! Unfortunately I spent $600 today on a plumber. Last weekend spent $450 for a sensor on my daughter's car. That over $1000 in a week of my play money gone so no chance for me to make any grill investments any time soon.

How much smoke are you getting with the rec rec?
I just finished mine. I think my PB RTD is bad. Rec rec is reading the same but I put 5 inkbird probes and there were spots that were almost 200 degrees off
Is the the same Rec Text controller?


That is the old version as the new version the WiFi antenna is external.

My Rec-Tec controller is doing fine great so I want a stick burner so I decided to sell my Yoder s640 which did not take long at all.
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