Pellets at Sam's


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Apr 24, 2020
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Kalamazoo, MI

No idea how good these are but they have two varieties at Sam's. If I didn't already have a shed full of pellets I would try them out. $14.95 for a 40 lb bag.
I have been using these pellets for 2 years now and actually have them in my Yoder hopper now as I need to start use my older stock pile. I have bought too many pellets and different brands in the past 6 months. They produce a lot of smoke and these pellets burn very consistent and produce a fine ash which is easy to clean and hardly any dust. They remind a lot of Lumber Jack pellets they way they burn and the smoke flavor it produces. $14.95 they are worth it as I decided that in 2021 I am uing one brand of pellets and sticking to it as I have too many differetn brands right now and cannot keep up with it. Since I am at Sams 3 times a month I probably going to stick to using these all the time next year.
I may pick up a bag when I finally use up all the pellets I have now but it will be well into next year before I need any. I want to try that hickory/oak blend, same price as a 40 lb bag of PB pellets.
I've smoked sausage with this mix for almost 30 years. My oak supplier passed away, so have been using maple in it's place. Gives the nice strong hickory flavor without having to burp it all day. (one of the things I've noticed about getting older, have eased up on smokiness):LOL:

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