Ongoing ERR code issues.


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Jun 14, 2020
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Calgary Alberta
I have a Pit Boss 440D that I have had about 2 1/2 years. My unit would not turn on and gave me the err code. Pit Boss will not offer warranty as the unit was built before the offered warranty stipulations.
So I bit the bullet, followed their recommendation as to what the fix was and had them ship me out a new temp probe with discount and shipping came to about $50 cad.
Replaced the probe all the way back to the control board and it fired right up.
But- after ignition I set a grill temp of 350F and it started to warm up and after a few minutes went right back into the err code. Will not reset after unplugging and I have to unplug the probe itself and re-insert the connectors to get it to start , but it continues to shut off once it starts to climb to temp.

So now what?
Has anyone else had this err issue that was not corrected with a new probe?
Am I now looking at a new control board?
If so and no warranty support, then it is not worth the money to me to repair.
If a probe cost me $50, I can only imagine what a board would cost.
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Boards and probes are cheaper on Amazon look there. I am not sure with the ERR issue but hopefully someone here can help because it has happened to others.

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