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Mar 7, 2022
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I'm interested in joining the pellet smoker club. Based on my research, I'm leaning a vertical smoker as we already have a gas BBQ for grilling and seems vertical untils make better smoke flavor.

Costco has the Louisiana 7 series on for $850 CANADIAN (about $650 US)

Is this a good unit?
Are these as ' set it and forget it' as the ads show? Or do I have to watch it all the time?
Welcome. I have a vertical but not those models that you mentioned. For mine it's not a completely set it and forget it thing. Especially in cold weather, I found I have to keep an eye on it at the begining stages because the internal temperature is affected by the external temperature. So adjustments need made.
Also have determined that the interior of my vertical has warm and cool spots, which resulted in me having to rotate whatever I'm cooking around now and then. For example if I'm doing a few racks of ribs I will go in and turn the grate around front to back a couple of times during the process because it's hotter toward the back of the smoker than it is toward the front.
But it is definitely a lot less labor intensive than my previous smoke with wood process.
Welcome to the forum. I have a vertical wood chip smoker that does give more smoke flavor than my other pellet smoker. The pellet smoker is much easier to use and does a reasonable job. Learning all the time. Not familiar with the model you mention but probably a decent deal.

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