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May 18, 2020
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I have been wanting a pellet grill for a while. I held back because i love a good sear. I saw PitBoss had this ability a couple years ago and finally bit the bullet. I have used my grill three times now. Made some 3 2 1 ribs, burgers and a pork loin last night. I am very pleased with this grill. I am looking for ways to optimize it to get the most out of it.
These things are a lot of fun to cook on. My suggestion is to simply play with different foods. For example, if you have not cooked a pizza on your PitBoss, do it soon. I added this to our arsenal of cooking tools with the thought I'd only be smoking, low and slow. Turns out, a pizza at 300 degrees gives it a really nice wood fired smell and taste that we love. Did a small batch of raw almonds last week while smoking some chicken. We've even baked bread on it. Depending on what model you have, there are several mods you can do. We have the Classic 700 and I added a smoke stack and covered the holes in the back. (mostly for aesthetics- although I am finding I don't need to rotate my pizzas during the cook) Also added a front shelf and cut the legs off to incorporate into a grill island. Good luck, enjoy and ask questions. Lot's of good resources here.

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