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New to Forum not Pellet Grills


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Dec 27, 2020
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This is my first time with a Pit Boss as I had GMG and a Traeger as I lost both of them in a house fire 6 months ago.

I decided to go the cheaper way this time on a pellet grill.
Thanks Dave I will add some energy to this forum. I am not a grill master like yourself, but my wife is from Dallas, TX and we visit there quite a bit and so Texas BBQ is her nature. I am originally from Topeka, KS so very close to the KC BBQ scene, but I am not a master. My father in law knows everything and everything about offset smokers.

I lost half my house to the California wildfire so my wife and I are looking to move to Dallas in May or June so we can be close to her family and we are going to start our own family so they would love to see there grand-kids on a daily basis. Once I am there I will learn the ways of the offset and I love BBQ and for some reason the best BBQ is Midwest to the Carolina's.

P.S. All you Cali's say there is great BBQ in California.......Nope don't go there
Welcome to the forum. You could say I'm a fan of pellet grills because I am too lazy to mess with stick burners.
Welcome JJ. Sorry to hear about your house, just glad both you & your wife are OK. I have both an old stick burner & a new PB KC Combo. I don't do a lot of smoking but what I have done so has have turned out great. I got the combo more for the grille griddle side.
Welcome @JJWright - Congrats on the new Pit Boss. It will be interesting to hear how it compares to your previous pellet grills. Sorry to hear about your house, but hopefully the move to Dallas will be good for your family. I've been in Austin about 12 years and love it.