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May 10, 2019
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Austin, TX

Here is your first full look at our new Pro Series Grills. Be one of the first to bring it home - we've teamed up with Pro DIYer and NFL Alum,
John Malecki to Giveaway the NEW Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 Wood Pellet Grill!

This NEW BOSS features;
WI-FI & Bluetooth Capabilities
1150 Sq. In. Cooking Space
35 lb. Hopper
Side and Front Shelves
External Flame Broiler and More!
Enter Now for your chance to WIN at: http://ow.ly/nDis50BSPjD
The NEW Pro Series is coming soon to Lowes
Look at that Pit Boss finally came through with a New PID controller. Well I hope they will sell the PID controller separate for current Pro Series owners at a decent price.

I love the fact they remove the Lid Temp gauge.
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Ohhh I want to try out one of these!!! Planning on doing a Pork Butt this weekend. Love to try out the new PID
Very nice. I registered so everyone else disregard the contest so I can win. I promise to share photos when I win!:cool:
I did not register already have 2 pellet grills. I am very intrigue on the controller and if Pit Boss sells the controller separately at a reasonable price I might buy it and try it out. Some guy on Reddit said they change the inside of the hopper as well so I am heading to Lowes tonight and I know the manager so I will ask him when he expects them in. I am certain very soon since Pit Boss has them posted online now.