New Platinum Laredo 1000 update


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Nov 20, 2020
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Upper Left Corner, USA
Hey everyone,
I recieved the new Laredo a week ago and have been playing with it a bit. After doing the burn off I ran it several times without meat just to learn it's idiosyncrasies and figure out the accuracy of the probes etc.
At first the smoker temps and the probe temps seemed to vary considerably compared to my reliable old Maverick thermometer. I figured out that one of the PB probes was bad and PB is sending a new one. After several fire-ups and 12+ hrs run time at various temps without meat the Laredo seems have gotten much better at holding temps accurately so maybe there's some truth to PB saying that "it has to learn for a while".
So far I've cooked a rack of lamb, duck breasts and a rib rack which all turned out fine.
BTW, the Smoke iT app has an update which has improved the display somewhat but there's room for more improvement. It seems they're listening to the complaints.
Pit Boss is deflecting questions about a cover to Walmart saying that PB isn't going to make them. Walmart has the cover on their website with a SKU but shows it unavailable. I am checking the PB link to the WM site daily (anybody at those sites checking on the number of clicks per day?).

I do have a couple of questions...
What brand of probe should I get for measuring the ambient temp? PB says their probes are not for that, only food temps.
Will the Laredo automatically do an update when connected to wifi?

Again, thanks to all for what I've learned so far. Really appreciate the helpful folks on this forum.
Regards, Mike
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Thanks Dave. Ordered the Inkbird 'oven' probe. Had to go measure the length of the 3.5 mm plug on the PB probe (.59 in.) to get the right one.

Regards, Mike
I’ve had my Laredo for 1 1/2 y now and love it. My Walmart cover I got when I bought the grill started ripping every time I touched it. Just got a new one from Amazon and it looks good. It fits much looser than the original.

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