Navigator 1150


Jul 27, 2020
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Port St Lucie, Florida
does anyone own a Navigator 1150? I'm picking mine up this weekend. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on them. Hope it is a good model?
basically the electronics are the same as the Pit Boss Pro Series. The difference is cosmetic and certain features. Main thing is to take your time and learn about pellet grills and follow the instructions in the manual on the start up process. There is a lot folks here that will help you out if you get into a jam.
Thank you.

I've read that some people use canola oil after the initial burn off to season the grill. They spray or wipe the entire inside and grass then do another burn in. What are your thoughts?
to be honest it may help a bit, but you have to do it about every 5 cooks. If the grates were cast iron and yes definitely needs to be seasoned. The steel that Pit boss uses is not intend to be seasoned I would save the canola for better use.

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