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Jun 17, 2020
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This may sound stupid but...What is the most practical way to move the grill (820D2). It has the two wheels...and a handle on the hopper. Manual says do not try to move using side table handle. No warning for use of hopper handle, no other way to lift and wheel over?
I built this in my garage and moved it a short distance to the yard. Afterwards I noticed the handle on the hopper bent and creased, also noticed that the auger/hopper etc is only mounted by two screws to the main grill body....

I emailed support but I thought why not mention here for some opinions


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I have no idea why they even added it because that hopper box is not sturdy enough to lift especially with a full hopper. I just push my around since it has 4 wheels and I did lift from that handle once and I noticed that this is not sturdy so I stopped.
Yes, I also noticed that there was quite a bit of "value engineering" going on with that hopper box. I took out the safety grate at the top, and noticed that it provides structural support to the hopper box. I replaced it before it folded in on itself.

A friend and I were looking it over, and we think it would remain sturdy enough if we were to only use an angle grinder and cut out the center 90% of the safety grate.
I just got an 820 Pro and that’s how I moved mine. I didn’t notice it creasing or damaged when I got it to backyard.

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