main broiler plate not locked into place


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Jun 12, 2020
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Jupiter, Fl
Hey there.. newbie here. Just got a 820 Pro for fathers day. I assembled the unit pretty easily. The issue I have is the notches the main broiler plate falls into on the left side to keep it in place do not seem high enough to keep it secures. The tabs barely come through the broiler slots therefore causing the main plate to be unsturdy and secure. If I hit a bump while moving the unit, the main plate just falls. I have double and triple checked that the main plate is sitting where it is supped to on the right. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant get a response from Pit Boss yet. Here is a pic for refrence. Thanks!


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Have you hear back from Pitt Boss on this issue? I wonder if the guide is bent at the grease tray or the actual heat exchange is bent.