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Apr 6, 2020
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My buddy left his pitboss at my house for 3 months and i loved it. Smoked ribs, whole hams and a couple of briskets. Now its finally time for me to buy one this week and start really get into smoking. Im going to buy the Pitboss Lockhart Platinum series. Might as well go big or go home right? Anyways does anyone have this smoker? If so, can i get your opions on it and what pellets,rubs and seasonings do you recommend? Thanks!
Welcome to the forum @Bishop - I don't have any experience with the Lockhart but it looks like one heck of a grill. Let us know what you decide to go with!
Will do! I ripped out my old back deck last week now im building a bigger and better one, should be done Thursday. Then this weekend ill be picking up a smoker! What pellets are your favorite to use?

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Only pellets I have used so far (past 2 years) are the PitBoss brand since they are so easily accessible from Walmart near our house. Do you notice a difference using these Kingsford brand or have you ever compared them to the PitBoss brands? Just curious. Maybe I am missing out!
Mostly I use PB pellets because (like you said) they are easy to get at Walmart and are priced right. I have also used Bear Mountain which were excellent (not a lot of sawdust and they have a good "snap" to them when you break them) and last week or so picked up a bag of Cuisinart Maple Bourbon pellets at Walmart. I put the whole bag in my smoker so I'll use these up instead of swapping them out.
Welcome and I like Lumber jack pellets as they produce a nice smoke....By the Way Lets Go Blues !!!!

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