Hardware: New Platinum Lockhart (DeeBoe), Owner: Brother Red


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Nov 12, 2020
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East Texas
50 yr old country boy here. Just moved from the country to town for the first time in my life and actually have a back yard with a fence.

Decided to go fully domesticated and bought a sure-nuff cooking device now that I should have time to actually put some effort into grillin, smokin and cookin on my back porch.

I had one of the early small Pit Boss Pellet grills and while wearing it out, became a Pit Boss fan. Wife got me the Lockhart yesterday for my Veteran's Day gift. (Semper Fi!) Assembled with Son-in-law and burnt it in...

Really looking forward to some good eatin and learning from everyone's experiences on here!
Thank you for your service!
I have the Lockhart also (since Feb.).
Expect some technical issues--as this is the first "model".
I had a few, but PB took care of them with free parts.
Once the bugs are out, can't beat it.
You bet! Thanks for the feedback. Already diggin the smokin cabinet. Very handy. Question though... What if I don't want to heat the upper smoke cabinet while grilling on the bottom? Can I close both of the vents on the lower cabinet without choking the air flow off?
Yes. The dampers closed won't effect the bottom chamber.
FYI-- don't trust the digital temp on display or upper chamber. It is usually 25 or 30 degrees hotter. Hang a meat probe in the top chamber, check out the difference in actual temp. Once you understand the temps it will make it easier for you to use.
You don't have to crank up the bottom as much to raise the top chamber temp!