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Jul 26, 2020
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Fort Worth, TX
I bought the Pro Series 1100 and it's fantastic however, I have a concern with regard to unexpected weather. If I'm cooking and it begins to rain, is the equipment safe or do I need to turn it off and remove the meat? I don't have a patio cover, so this is a real possibility. Now I'm talking about a mild to moderate rain, not a deluge!
Do your best to keep rain out of the hopper. Once those pellets are wet you are doomed. When I first got mine I wondered this too. Then just decided to always use it on the covered carport. I just back the cars out into the driveway and grill or some there. Sometimes I use both Pit Boss's at the same time. But i think a small shower won't hurt. The past two weekends have have had huge storms, 45 mph winds, etc so I am glad I had the carport to do cooks.

I think a little rain probably won't hurt but I wouldn't cook in a rain storm with any grill. Also these are electric so you would have to do something to keep the plug dry.

This is what happened yesterday as soon as I got smoke rolling. It rained for a few hours and was very heavy.
I just finished cooking 2 beer can chickens and doing the cool down when I got a drizzle from out of nowhere yesterday. Just covered the plug and let her finish the cool down.
the hopper lid will keep the rain out. If it is not a major rain storm you will be fine the only thing it will mess the temp of the grill a bit.

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