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Jun 6, 2020
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I just bought my pit boss 820 d and twice during cook fire was choked out by excessive pellets my p setting is at 4 again this is my second cook on grill and this has happened any ideas?
A little late in replying but it sounds like your auger may be feeding too many pellets. The 4 setting is a good place to be. I lowered raised mine to 6 one time and I had the same issue. Change the setting to 2 and see what happens. You will not get as much smoke on a 2 P setting but it will you know if it is overfeeding pellets. If that is the case something is wired backwards.
I just got my Pit Boss grill and don't have any instructions on how to change my P setting. There is no P button. It is on 5 and I would like to lower it to 4. I have the Lexington 500. Thanks.
If you have a P setting you change it with a paper clip. Put the paper clip in the hole and press.

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