ErR code on a PB440D


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Jun 14, 2020
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Calgary Alberta
Hi-went to start my Bonedust Brisket this morning and it fired right up, but as soon as I had ignition it shut down with the ErR code. So I checked the wire-removed the guard attached to the back of the hopper and wiggled it around. Still no go-so I had to start the brisket on my Bradley-Boo Hiss-until I can get this going. Do I need to pull the front apart to check connection behind the controller? I would really appreciate any input or suggestions
I always use an extension cord but it is about a 9 foot cord so it is pretty short. I did ask Pit Boss when I called them one time if a 100 foot extension cord would work. They said I would probably get an error. I tried it out on my Copperhead when I did the initial burn-in with a 100 foot cord (I put it together in the backyard) and it ran for a good 45 minutes and I never had an issue. However I have never attempted a cook with anything other than the 9 foot cord.
I use only a 10 ft and it is fine. I recommend not to use a thin gauge cord stick to the same size or bigger gauge that pit boss uses on the hopper.

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