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Jul 7, 2020
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I purchased a Pitboss Griddle for my husband for camping. We had a huge trip coming up with a large group of family. It was delivered the day before the trip. The box was in perfect shape, no dents, no tears, no dings. When we opened the box the whole back corner was dented in. The legs did not want to fold down into place. Another separate box inside had the side trays in them. Same thing, box was good, side trays had dents all over them. I called customer service and the lady all but laughed at me. She told me that it was an issue that I had to take up with Lowes. It made no sense because it was shipped straight from the manufacturer. Lowes didn't package damaged items. They refused to do anything for me. I am so upset. That's a lot of money to spend on a grill and then you have to bend all the metal back and drill out the holes just to get the screws in to secure the legs. My husband needed it for the next day. There was no way for me to get him a replacement.
So did you purchase the item from Lowe's website? If so can you return it to your local Lowes and exchange it for the Blue Rhino griddle which is the same price and a better griddle in my opinion.
I did purchase it from Lowes. They were sold out of all of the griddles. When I called Lowes they really tried to help me. Even though the damage was no fault of theirs, they did give me a small credit. Better than nothing I guess. But the people at the manufacturing and packing plant need to be more careful. I was completely livid when I saw the damage.

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