Brisket sale at Sam’s

I had no plans to shop for a brisket today but when we stopped in at the Sam’s Club in Altoona PA. These guys were sitting there all mark down and everything.
So I’m doing a brisket this weekend now.
I was at Sam's a couple weeks ago and while the briskets were not on sale, I did find one that was a day or two away from the best buy date, which was marked down about 50%. If I had room in our freezer or had the time and planned for an immediate smoke I would have bought it. Maybe I'll stop buy this week to see if any are still marked down... .2nd though, I need a chest freezer big time.
I check my local grocer every sat mornin. My freezer is full of ribeys and beef tenderloins. Most purchased recently in the 8.99/lb range. High end cuts seem to be available because no one wants to give 18.99 for them. (including me)

Bought a small butt last weekend for 10 bucks. Went home and threw it straight on the smoker.
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