Brisket - Fat Side Down or Up?

Love me some ribs !!
Wife buys that Stubbs in sugar free.
You won’t be disappointed trust me 🇺🇸🇨🇱
We’ve had both kind of sauces before I like them so I’m sure it’ll be good.
Also, I intended this post to go into another topic but I goofed up. Sorry about that.
If you can move it, feel free to do so.
I cooked this 15 pound brisket two weeks ago on my Traeger Ironwood XL fat side up, and as you can see there's lots of bark.


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I always run fat cap up but I have a Heavy D deflector over my fire pot, a pizza stone on the bottom rack of my 1600 directly over the fire pot, and then a pan to catch the drippings on that. The brisket goes on my middle rack. With all that protection I never have an issue with cooking fat cap up directly over the fire pot.

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