Brand new pitboss pro 1100 not working


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Jul 1, 2020
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So I got my grill home (it was pretty assembled) wanting to to a first burn I poor my pellets in and than I smell a little smoke and nothing else happens? I am looking at it like what on earth happened. So I wait and wait and nothing is happening. So I open up grill and see pellets in the hot box. A few burn but nothing else. Not sure what is wrong the fan or the ignition switch. Any ideas?
remove all the pellets from the hopper and auger tube. set the grill to smoke and turn it on an d see if the igniter turns red or it is getting hot. You can place your hand over it to feel the heat from it. If it is not staying hot then your igniter is not working or there is something wrong with the controller.

Based on other forums the Pro Series 1100 are not having issues so this is the first one I have seen that is having a problem.
Did the hot end of the ignitor turn red?

Were pellets coming in to the burn pot? If the auger is turning and putting pellets in to the burn pot, you could do a manual light.

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