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Jan 25, 2021
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Creston, Iowa
Hi all
I have a Rancher PB700R1 grill and had an auger jam that destroyed the gears in the gear motor. I bought a replacement from amazon. It claimed to be a replacement for all pit boss pellet grills. I got it and the only difference was it is a 1.6 RPM. I installed it and cleaned the auger tube out and cannot get over 312 degree's. It spins very freely so it is not a drag issue. I went back and ordered another that said it was a 2 RPM and it came half destroyed so I will be returning that also. I did notice that it is also marked 1.6 RPM. Is the OEM replacement from Pit Boss an actual 2.0 RPM? It is deceiving when they claim a motor is 2.0 Rpm and it is 1.6. The original would get me to a little over 500 degrees. There is no P1 control on this grill. I guess the main question before I take this apart again is will the motor from Pit Boss that is substantially higher priced get me to 450-500 degree's? And is it worth the money. Any help is appreciated.
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