XL lid delaminate


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Aug 9, 2021
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Hi I got my pit boss one full year ago it’s a Austin xl. I have used it and it works great. I only have one issue and it’s with the lid delaminating on the front edge has anyone else had this problem??
Yes the paint is lifting along the edge. Is this normal after only a year ?
Paint or porcelain lid separating and rust forming along the edge after a year does anyone else have this problem with there Austin XL
No reply from pit boss on issues so I thought I would try the forum. Might be easier in the future to buy a solid metal smoker or a company that stands behind the product!!?
I don't have an Austin XL, just an older Pit Boss that is all black. After a year mine had some paint coming off so I just bought a can of high-heat black spray paint for grills. I sanded it down a bit, sprayed over it and no problems. You can't even tell I painted it. In your case the lid is copper colored so it wouldn't look right with black paint. Did you call customer support?
I'd call Pit Boss Tech Support 887-303-3134 option 2. Maybe a few bad one's out there and they'll send you a new one.

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