Wild Game Jerky Pit Boss 1600


Aug 5, 2021
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Did my first batch of jerky on the 1600. I was worried the low of 180 would bee too much, but it all worked out well.

I let the jerky smoke with only a smoke tube filled with hickory for two hours. Then I turned the grill on and let the meat go at 180 for 3 hours. I put a waterpan over the fire pot hoping slow the drying and cooking process to get as much smoke as possible in the meat. I also screwed the vent cap all the way down. It worked a little better than I thought.

Wanting to speed this along I took the pan out and opened up the cap almost all the way. 2 hours later it was all ready.

I used a 60/40 mix of hickory and cherry in the hopper. I rotated the trays a few times during the cook.

Two trays are Canada Goose I marinated in tiger sauce, St. Amand's Seasoning blend, a little "Ha You want It" seasoning blend, minced garlic, Sriracha seasoning, and pink salt o1

The other two trays are whitetail deer seasoned the same as above minus the Sriracha and with crushed red pepper.

The trays I ordered off Amazon worked out perfectly Link . I will be getting more. Two fit on top longways. 3 fit in the middle vertical and two more will fit on either side of the fire pot.

I like this grill more and more every day!


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Seriously, this is a game changer for everything. I even put it in my fish batter... 😉
I was introduced to the stuff well over 20 years ago. Ever since I have had a bottle on hand. Using it for jerky is our family secret.

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