Whiskey Still Temp Problems


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Feb 23, 2020
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Just fired up new whiskey still. I have another Pit Boss for last 3 years (PB700FB) and versed in the 'art' of pellet grilling/smoking.
The whiskey still has some design issues though that I need to ask about.

1- With the 'burning temp' set to 350 unit will not reach higher than 208 on center rack. Confirmed by it not being able to boil water at all. Appears to be poor design of placement of controller thermal probe. Heat is coming direct off bottom of grease tray, funneling up by the probe, thereby giving false temp readings compared to actual cooking areas. By turning burn diffuser 90deg I was able to attain 275 at the center rack, using meat probe as test. However, that's still a 75deg variance from set temp to probe temp. I believe that's due to placement as I can make a temp probe shield and get temps closer, but shouldn't have to come up with my own mods.
Is there an updated mount for the set temp probe?

2- The pellet bin is not shaped with enough slope to keep auger fed. Using new Pit Boss pellets the auger runs dry with half of the bin still full. It appears there isn't enough slope to the bin. Is there an update for this, as currently the auger runs dry after only couple of hours, while still half full Manual beating it on the side is not what I would expect to have to do.

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