Where can I get better operating info?


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Jan 23, 2022
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Just put together and stated the break in burn in our new PitBoss Competition Series vertical wood pellet smoker. I have tons of questions… manual isn’t that great and an internet search brought me here.

For example… it came with a probe. Is that a “meat probe”? The instructions also talk about a “grill probe”. How is the wire threaded thru the door? Just pinch it in the door seal? The instructions state: “Run excess wire out the hole located on the left side of the main grill or the top of the main grill (near the grill lid hinge)”. Doesn’t sound like instructions for the vertical smoker.

I’ve searched for my model number and can’t find any instructions for it at all. PBV5CS

Thanks for any help. Can’t wait to start smoking!
It's a meat probe for what your smoking, just close the door and make sure it's plugged into the controller.
Ask away in the forum, there are plenty of us that'll help you out. And pit boss manuals are indeed lamely written.
I would suggest investing in a bluetooth or wifi meat probe. The Pit Boss probes seem to be off and I don't use them anymore. Look around on Amazon, some of them are pretty cheap.

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