When to smoke and when not to smoke.....that is the question.......


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Jul 6, 2020
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I have a series 3 vertical. I am confused on when to use the Smoke setting and when to use the actual temperature settings. I have read to start it up in smoke and then what do i do from there? Do I leave it on Smoke for the duration? Do i let it get to 200+ then change it to the actual temp for the duration? Do I let it get to the actual temp then change back to smoke???? So confused. I have let it sit on the actual temp and it seems that the auger never stops feeding. Too much smoke and the temp never heats right. Any thoughts?
I also have the Series 3 vertical. I have never left it on the smoke setting. From what I understand you still get good smoke from 250 and below. I have used 175 a few times for a few hours and then boost it up to 225 or 250. Might have to try out the smoke setting this weekend.

On my other Pit Boss the "Smoke" setting means 185. Might have to experiment with the "S" setting on the vertical with a temp probe inside on a grate and see what it actually gets up to.