When credit is due. I give it. PB Support


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May 28, 2021
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Man it’s been a crazy day. I, along with a lot of other people have been up and down over the Smoke it app situation. Lots of frustration. But I do believe they’re really trying to get the new one out. Only explanation for the activity at the App Store. But I’m gonna let that go for awhile till the ‘smoke’ clears a little. Lol.

Today I broke out my older Hammertone S2. I haven’t used it in awhile. I even made a thread about it. I put in two racks of baby backs after loading up the chip pan and getting it cranked up.

I wound up about 2 hours later adding about 1/2 pan of chips again for a little more smoke. Good old hickory chips.
Same routine ive done since somewhere in y2017 when I got this thing.

I was watching my temp reciever for the probe I had in there checking the cook temp. And I felt these things should be close at one point so I got up to go check em. When I got out there I heard a beeping noise and saw Err flashing on my screen!
I tried powering it down but it wouldn’t shut off. At that point I quickly unplugged the thing. Whatever had happened must have JUST happened because my cooking temp was still reasonable. And I checked the ribs and they were as usual, very good. Took em in and tended to them and put them in the oven waiting for my wife to come in. I actually cooked these things at her request.
Now way later I get my manual and go back out there. It had cooled off obviously by then too. The code according to the book related to the temperature probe. I cleaned it off as best I could and plugged it back in but it would pretty much go straight to the beeping and the Err popped back up. I was hoping the probe was dirty enough or something to quickly straighten it out. No such luck. So here I am. Not wanting to use my PBV4PS2 till I have a new app. And now my old faithful Hammertone is messed up.
trust me. I was in Smoker hell. Lol. I’ve said before I haven’t had much experience directly with PB service. Support. I’ve read horror stories as well as praise for em. But never had any first hand experience.

The book had a number and also an email address for support. It was getting a little late in the day so I decided to try an email. I wrote one and gave all the details. Along with when and where I bought it. And the serial number. And figured if I didn’t hear from them I’d call in a couple of days.
now this thing has got to be out of warranty. I only asked if it was related to that sensor and about what would it cost to fix it.

I just checked my emails a little over an hour ago. And to my surprise I had a reply. They actually have a new sensor and harness headed my way and included instructions on how to install it.
To say I was surprised would be an understatement. And didn’t charge a dime for a cooker I bought I think in 2017.

Thanks to those guys at PB that have fixed me up. I appreciate it. And for me at least makes me believe they have to honestly be trying to get that app straightened out.

Gotta give credit where due.
I can honestly say that they have been great also. Should I have to contact them as much is another question...
It’s hit or miss I called them this morning waited about 2 minutes on the phone due to a question about my account and the the data migration their doing in their site. Replacing broken things they’ve done a phenomenal job of. I am missing part of an order though I put in A YEAR AGO and they keep over looking that ticket even when I mention it in active tickets their working on. Repaired fixes I needed but took my money without giving me what I ordered elsewhere. And with the new data migration the guy told me that the ticket I submitted originally may be gone forever along with history of my past orders… WTF!
About 20+ days ago I started This thread.
And about an hour ago I finished installing the new probe.
The Hammertone is back!
Now if some may be wondering about why so long……
They shipped and I got tracking on it very quick. Was suppose to be here in just a couple of days.
But FedEx had different ideas. Lol. That part has had a whirlwind tour of the USA.
Tracking history is unbelievable. The last update feom my app said DELAYED.
Last night close to 11 we heard something. And there was the FedEx van with the probe. Last word which said delayed said delivery I believe next Tuesday. Lol.
Anyway. Seems to have fixed it. Now I need to cook a little something.
Yeah, I recently ordered a package (not grilling stuff) that said it was in Jacksonville, FL. The next day it said Texas - completely passed up where I live! The third day it was in Illinois! Then on the Memphis and finally here. Took over a week to get here when it should have been two days.

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