What pellets work best ???


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Oct 14, 2020
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Shrewsbury ma
Just picked up a Austin XL 1000 cheap ( wally world) roll back price at $325... I KNOW RIGHT !!!anywho, can I use any brand pellets in this hopper ???? KEEP ON SMOKING
Yep. Just try to look for 100% hardwood, Pit Boss pellets will do just fine too. I am currently running thru a bag of Kingsford Pellets and have two bags of bear Mountain I am waiting to use when the current batch runs low.
I have been buying my Pit Boss Pellets from Walmarts ONLINE.
Think their Apple wood Pellets are $8.88 for a 20 lb bag and
Free shipping.I really stock up on the Pit Boss pellets and let FedEx
do the heavy lifting lol.............JT
Thanks bro.. I grabbed some there.. Just put the smoker together today.. Did all the steps for start up.. But no smoke after burn off... Temp shot up over 375 in "SMOKE MODE"... can't figure it out... Any suggestions ????

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