What is this?!?!


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Aug 21, 2022
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St Louis, MO
I had to take the Brunswick apart to prep for a smoked prime rib that we reverse sear for Christmas every year. While making sure that everything was working, I found this in the bottom of the smoker. I had it on its back and upright, so it might have just been lodged inside from manufacturing and came loose, or it's something broken that I don't recognize. Either way, any help is much appreciated.
I have the same addiction
My father was an odds and ends hoarder and when he passed away some 30 years ago I got his box of nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners and whatnot.
To this day, when I need something like that I fish around in the box and more often than not, I find the exact item I need.
Even our contractor is in on this. Last summer he was here installing new banisters on the porch steps. He needed specific bolt to hold something and asked me to check “the box” to see if something might be there. It was.

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