Weber Charcoal Grill Extension Ring


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Nov 23, 2021
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Ramona, Ca
Ok now that I no longer have a gas grill, I want to be able to rotisserie on my Weber Charcoal Grill. I have the rotisserie, but not the extension ring. There are kits out there, but they all come with a rotisserie, which I don't need. Where can I get just the extension ring?
Dec 1st, I ordered a Weber extention ring. Well my extention ring never sat flush inside the Weber kettle, after calling Weber with a bunch of pics and emails, they are sending me a new ring and rotisserie replacement. The ring was over a half inch to small in cicuference. It's supposed to arrive today, we'll see if the ring is the right size. All my Weber stuff is ordered from Weber,,,,so don't go there.
Production issue? Hopefully they threw in some spices or something for your aggravation.
new ring arrived today and it does not fit,,,,now they want more pics. I asked for their measurements twice and they "can't find any" A 22" inside diameter according to my calculator should be, 69.10", both of my rings measure 68.375"
now they want more pics of the bowl with measurements. I told them you already have those pics!!!! Then I asked again for the measurements I asked a couple of times. I wonder where this will about flying your CEO out here and figure it out?

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