Two Pit Boss Pro 1150 Questions


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Dec 5, 2020
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Oakdale, CA
Hi All;

1. After receiving my firmware update for my 1150 I have found one minor issue I would like to put to the forum for your advice. I tried to do some thick steaks and wanted a temp of 450 but after 45 minutes I was only able to get to 375 even though the controller was set to 450. I wound up searing the steaks and they were great but I would have liked to start the precook at 450 for a while. How do you get to that heat and have any pellets left?
2. I want to do a grease clean of the barrel and am curious as to what you all use. I have some citric acid based soap/cleaner I use on the grates and with the weber stuff I used to use but am wary of using it on the barrel. It is a Weber product and is labeled as a grill cleaner.

Thanks for your input

use a non toxic grill cleaner or vinegar and water if you can stand the smell.
most stores have that stuff. Do Not Use Pine Sol, you will be trying to get rid of that pine smell forever.
and if you use foil on your broiler plate you will have much less cleaning up to do.
just make sure you tuck the foil down tightly so the grease drains out properly.