Turkey at Christmas


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Sep 23, 2021
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I’m getting the hang of smoking now but still never tackled a Turkey. I had hoped to run a pre Christmas bird to tryout a few methods but didn’t have the time.

Looking for thoughts. I’m going to brine it and likely spatchcock. Open to suggestions. Do it right on the grill? Do it in a pan to catch drippings for gravy?

I live In the cold so I’m expecting a longer cook. Bird is about 15lbs.

I'm smoking a bird as well...I'm using a cookie pan lined with foil and with the cooling rack at the same time to catch drippings. I'm on the fence on my brine kit as it already has the salt mixed in. Last time I brined a bird, it was too salty for me and yes I rinsed it. Spatchcocking is always must for me. They do making blankets for smokers to help retain the heat.
I did a small Turkey in my 800. I brined it for 12 hours. It came out great!.
I followed this recipe.
IIRC - 450 for 30 minutes, then I brought it way down to S. I think I could have done a little less time at 450. 0The skin came out a little over cooked on the Pit Boss.
There is a 2 part (maybe 3) to get the time that he does his cook time in an oven.

Raw whole turkey
5-gallon bucket (like from Home Depot)
3-pound box of kosher salt
1 tablespoon of whole black peppercorns
2 gallons chicken broth (water mixed with bouillon cubes is fine
1-gallon ice water
1 whole bunch fresh thyme, torn roughly
1 whole bunch fresh oregano, torn roughly
1 whole bunch fresh sage leaves, torn roughly
1 whole bunch fresh marjoram, torn roughly

To Make...

1. Clean the raw turkey and remove the neck and giblets.

2. In the bucket, combine the cooled (room temperature) broth with the ice water, salt, pepper and fresh herbs and mix well.

3. Place the turkey in the bucket, breast side down and cover the bucket. Leave it sit somewhere cool, I usually use the garage (unless it's summer time obviously).

4. After at least 6 and no more than 12 hours, and prior to cooking your turkey, remove the bird and rinse it with cool water, then proceed with your cooking prep