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Trouble with new unit


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May 26, 2020
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Nor cal
I just bought a new pit boss vertices series 7 pellet smoker. First time use it worked great. Second time and now third time it over heats shuts down and leaves the Erh code for over heat. It does good for 10 minutes but then it starts to sound like a jet engine and the temp gauge goes to 400 + then shuts down completely. Have to unplug to get it to reset.
ive tried everything, cleaned out pellets, cleaned inside, new pellets, and every cus word I know. I work long hours but will try customer support tomorrow.
any help would be greatly appreciated. Tia
Make sure the cap on the smoke stack is up at least half way. If you still get an Erh code call Pit Boss, leave a call back number or wait on hold it might be a bad controller.
I called pitboss, had to leave my number, support called me back about 3 hours later. The guy from support was really great, talked me thru a few things to change on my set up. One was opening the stack all the way, the other was to raise the water pan up from the very bottom to the third hole from the bottom. Unfortunately it still shut down when I turned it on and let it run to 350. Support guy said it was a bad thermostat heat sensor and ordered me a new one. So after I get it and install it I will repost my results.