Tri tip with two smoke tubes and P7 setting on my 820 Pro.


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Jun 2, 2021
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Trying to get some more smoke into tri tip.

Running two tubes with hickory.

820 pro using a mix of mesquite and hickory on smoke P7 setting.

Grate temp is about 170F.

I plan to slow smoke until 120F internal then wrap and finish on a friend's gas grill later this evening.


I tossed some trimmings on the griddle.

I use a griddle as a heat shield over the burner.
Trying to get some more smoke into tri tip.
Did you end up with the smoke flavors you were looking for? On my recent turkey breast I did double smoke tubes of apple or cherry, i can't remember.. it seemed lighter than I wanted.

Next time I double up ill use hickory all the way around - including in the hopper.
It only had 90 mins smoking. I should have started it an hour earlier. I got a little later start than hoped for, and an earlier dinner than I thought initially, so they were pulled off at 107F not 120F as I normally do.

They were good. Not over smoked.

Sorry I didn't take any pics sliced or plated.
And I only reverse seared half, the larger half, and it was still rare.

The half in the glass pan is for tri tip tacos so it was left really rare.

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